Human Performance Development through Strength and Conditioning

IV NSCA International Conference 2014




UCAM President's Welcome

D. José Luis Mendoza Pérez

President of the Catholic University San Antonio (UCAM)


On behalf of the UCAM, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the NSCA IV International Conference, to be held in Murcia in June 2014.

The UCAM has committed for sports since our early beginning, giving a major role to the practice, research and teaching. In fact the University offers a wide range of programmes related physical activity and sport, including vocational training, undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Among our students there are many athletes who have choosen UCAM to complete their academic and personal development.

Within this predilection for the sport and a healthy lifestyle, UCAM joined National Strength and Conditioning Association for bringing together some outstanding and worldwide recognised professionals in sports sciences research, training and fitness. All this set in the environment of Murcia, an open and dynamic city with a privileged location in the Mediterranean coast, where the climate, people and culture we hope will make this conference an enriching event and an unforgettable experience.

Welcome to Spain, welcome to UCAM.



Congress Presidents' Welcome

The NSCA’s members have a common interest in the broad field of strength and conditioning and includes a diverse group of professionals from the sport science, athletic, allied health, and fitness industries. Founded in 1978, a goal of the NSCA is to bridge the gap between science and application in strength and conditioning. The NSCA has an active voice in the communication of news and developments in the field of strength and conditioning to the general public and its members.

The conference will be a gathering of colleagues and friends. We invite you to this scientifically and socially rewarding, memorable and enjoyable experience.

We will see you in Murcia!

Steven J. Fleck & Pedro E. Alcaraz

Congress Presidents


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